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Your tumblr blog about Maia flawless Mitchell, an australian actress, aka Callie Jacob on tv show The Fosters, and as McKenzie in Teen Beach Movie (disney).
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So I just checked out the stats of the blog and just found out that I’ve got nearly 500 FOLLOWERS over here and that the blog is ONE YEAR OLD (and it feels like it’s only a couple months old, god), this is sooooooo huge to me and freaking awesome, thank you all ! I’m actually happy-dancing everywhere in my room and cried like a little puppy and peed ‘cause well, I guessed I just wanted to pee, uh.

+ hence to celebrate all of this : new theme blog. enjoy and thank you again !

Oh, and last words : you can find me on my personal blog feltonmeds sooo if you are bored and happen to be totally randomly on my blog, please chat meee, I’ll love you (especially if you are a hp/dramione addict hum) and I’ll send you Draco Malfoy by your house to hug you, promise. SEND ME A MESSAGE, RANDOM MESSAGE, TALK TO ME ABOUT YOUR CAT/OWL/FROG/MOSQUITO (why not heh) PLEASE.

So there, I’m finished, thank you again and again and again and again. And thanks for reading my shit.

What The Fosters Left Me With…


Oh, let’s see:

  • What did Jude and Connor do?
  • What’s Sophia doing looking herself in the bathroom?
  • What did Jude and Connor do?
  • Something bad’s going to happen to her, right?
  • What did Jude and Connor do?
  • Why did Lena really quit, like what the hell?
  • What did Jude and Connor do?
  • Like what the hell, Callie and Brandon??
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